Glass Shield Coating

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Atri Pro Glass Shield is a coating specifically made for automobile glasses using a new Nano Graphene formula. It has excellent water & oil repellency compare to other glass coatings in the market. Also Glass Shield has amazing roll-off angle as well as anti-pollution effect. It helps the driver to drive in a safer environment, and does not make the window judder.

Glass Shield attaches to glass on a molecular level forming strong crosslinks to create a hydrophobic layer that protects your glass from water spots. Our premium coating also has high resistance to wiper abrasion and won’t easily wear off.

It is long lasting hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for glass. It provides surface with strong hydrophobic, «easy to clean“ and antistatic effect properties. Does not change the surface color and is completely invisible.


  • Antistatic effect;
  • Easier bugs removal;
  • Strong hydrophobic;
  • Coating is completely invisible
  • Slickness Effect 
  • New Formula Nano Graphene Matrix 
  • Durability up to 3 years 

- 50ML