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Atri Pro TX89 Self-Healing Graphene Coating can also be used as a topcoat over our 9H Graphene Coatings, increasing scratch resistance. 

TX89 Nano Graphene, Self Healing coating heat reactive means the coating will heal itself when heat is applied to a damaged surface.

Once applied, the surface becomes much harder and it’s finish is permanently enhanced with a gloss finish that is preserved against all kinds of contaminants such as road grime, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, atmospheric pollutants and other environmental contaminants .

Note: TX89 Nano Graphene, Self Healing coating’s self healing capability is limited to swirl marks, minor scratches and other contaminants.


The coating is a professional application product only.


Kit includes:

  • Brand New Style Aluminium Bottle 
  • 2x 40ml Bottle of Nano Graphene Coating (1x base Coat and 1x Top Coat Self Healing)
  • Application Kit (Block & 2Cloths)