Nano Tungsten 10H (NTC)

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Masterpiece of ATRI PRO and formulated with only the highest standard of raw materials. The perfect formula provides maximum protection to car’s painted surface with ultra-thin glass coating. Contaminations are unable to adhere to the coated surface easily. The performance of NTC does not deteriorate and affect by weathering nor ultraviolet rays for up to 10 years, it offers extraordinary water repellence and superb gloss finishing.






High Chemical Resistance

NTC has the best chemical inert properties in ATRI PRO professional coating series. The ability to withstand corrosion from acid, alkaline, and salt is incomparable in car detailing industry. With such a strong ability, the performance leads to a longer lifespan when the product is coated on surface. Additionally, the unique formulation offers top-notch level of protection to vehicle and preferred by professional car detailer in four seasons country.

Penetration & Bonding

The conception of the masterpiece is to penetrate upper layer and micro pores of clear coat to form the inseparable bonding between coating and clear coat. Its penetrative capability is in a class by oneself and the other reason why it lasts up to 10 years. The surface receives impeccable protection from NTC once the coating is cured.






The Ultimate Tensile Strength

Giving you the latest best protection with the state of the art Tungsten Nanotubes infused coating. Safeguarding car clear coat/lacquer from contaminants.




NTC is one of the latest technology breakthroughs achieved by ATRI PRO. The distinctive TUNGSTEN Nanotubes infused formula is exclusively crafted for one objective – provide only the best of the best shield for the car. ATRI PRO NTC from the exclusive series is the best of the best product ever formulated by ATRI PRO to date and the achievement is ATRI PRO's pride. The accomplishment of the new technology has offered additional and enhanced benefits on top of generic protections such as hydrophobic, gloss, and smooth finishing.









120 months


0.9 μm per layer at lab scale


10H ( Pencil hardness )


>115 degrees




30ml per medium size sedan


1.12 (25°C)


24 hours for initial curing / 7 days for full cure




Unique Selling Point

Electrostatic Dissipative


With the inclusion of ESD raw material, NTC has achieved the result of extremely low dust collection. ESD has the same benefits as Anti-Static except its resistance is much lower and tends to deliver greater long-term results. As such, NTC coated car stays cleaner than ceramic or glass coating coated car.

Tungsten features the lowest vapour pressure of all metals, very high moduli of compression and elasticity, very high thermal creep resistance and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Infusion of TUNGSTEN Nanotubes


NTC is infused with ultrasonically dispersed TUNGSTEN Nanotubes.

TUNGSTEN Nanotubes are Tungsten structurally modified into sheet and tube form at the molecular level; our formula exhibits different characteristics from normal Ceramic Coating.


10H Hardness


The further upgrade of material hardness has increased the hardness from 9h to 10h. TUNGSTEN Nanotubes is known as 3 times stronger than TITANIUM and it is regarded as the strongest materials known to human.

Scratch-resistance - Due to its hardness tungsten handily beats titanium when it comes to scratch-resistance, though titanium is still considerably more scratch-resistant than other popular materials. There are virtually no materials other than a diamond that can scratch tungsten.

Corrosion-resistant Barrier


The main ingredient NTC possesses decent chemical inert properties and does not react to most of the chemicals. With the add-on of Tungsten Nanotubes, the formula is now obtained remarkable chemical inert properties and showing high resistance towards bird dropping and tree sap; in ATRI PRO, it is called a Corrosion-resistant Barrier and an upgrade form of chemical resistance.

Long Durability


The durability of the coating is often affected by environmental factors and human factors, such as acidic rainwater, ultraviolet, polluted contaminant, tar, and alkaline car shampoo. The in-house chemist team managed to prolong the lifespan of the coated surface to 10 years with minimal maintenance by greatly improving the stability of chemical position and chemical resistance.



Enhanced Hydrophobicity & Sliding Angle


The proprietary formula from ATRI PRO has managed to increase the water contact angle from 110 degrees to almost 120 degrees and lowered down the sliding angle by 5 to 10 degrees. The combination of these accomplishments has led to better easy cleaning properties and watermark resistance ( after full cure ). Water slides off easily in comparison with normal Ceramic Coating upon contact with NTC coated surface.