Warranty terms & conditions

Atri Pro Coating Limited Warranty  


Atri Pro Coating. warrants to the owner of the nominated vehicle that if Atri Pro Coatings are unsatisfactory in its performance of protecting the vehicles factory paintwork from permanent damage incurred by oxidation, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, grease or UV damage, whilst being maintained in accordance with the terms and conditions of this limited warranty, Atri Pro Coating. or its Certified Installer will at no cost to the owner repair, clean, and/or retreat the affected area(s) and remedy the same under the “Limit of Liability”.  



The following general terms and conditions apply to any and all Atri Pro Coating. Warranty Program products:

Warranty term begins from the date of product application and is only valid if the Certified Installer has issued a Warranty Card. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to register their limited warranty with Atri Pro Coating. online at www.atriprocoating.com within 30 days of product application.   

This agreement excludes non-clear coated vehicles at any time previous to, presently, or during the course of this warranty period.  

Any application, re-application, repair work or other work carried out on the coated surface must be applied, reapplied, or repaired by a Certified Installer after claim approval from Atri Pro Coating.  

Atri Pro Coatings are only warrantied if applied by an Atri Pro Coating. Certified Installer.  

Prior to application of any Atri Pro Coatings, the Atri Pro Coating. Certified Installer must prepare the vehicle’s exterior painted surface within the prescribed guidelines set forth by Atri Pro Coating. to achieve a level of paint correction that is free from defects and contaminants.   

Atri Pro. is not responsible for damages other than those described within the WARRANTY provision herein.  

If damages other than those described within the WARRANTY provision occur to the treated surface of the vehicle, the warrantied vehicle must be taken to a Certified Installer for retreatment to the repaired area at the owner’s expense within 30 days in order for the WARRANTY to remain in effect.  

The Atri Pro Coating. Certified Installer must be notified of any claim due to failure of product performance within 30 days of occurrence.  

Vehicle must remain continuously registered within Australia for the duration of the warranty.  

10. Warranty is registered in the name of the vehicle owner and is non-transferrable.

11. Interior of truck beds and tailgates are not covered by this warranty.  

12.Warranty is valid only for factory clear-coated paint and excludes any non-clear-coated surfaces, matte finishes.

13.The vehicles exterior paintwork must be maintained and washed regularly on a monthly basis to Atri Pro Coating’s recommendations, to prevent contamination build up. After washing insure that no water is left to dry on the coated surface, particularly within the first two (2) weeks after installation. In the event that your vehicle is exposed to high mineral-content water (“hard” or “soft” water) like that from some automated car washes, sprinkler systems or tap water in some areas, then all coated areas need to be dried as soon as possible with a clean microfiber cloth. Any water that is left to dry may form visible ringlets, which should be wiped off with specific chemical until the mineral deposit is removed, as soon as possible.

14.Annual Inspections are required to maintain coverage under this Limited Warranty.  



Atri Pro Coating. or its agents will not accept liability for:


Deterioration of factory-installed equipment or any other treated part of substandard specification, materials or workmanship by vehicle manufacturer, their dealership, third-party supplier or modifier, or professional detailers not authorized by Atri Pro Coating.    

Pre-existing damage to the exterior painted surface or the clear coat.  

Untreated areas due to accident damage and/or their subsequent repairs, and/or damage caused by impact with a foreign object (i.e., stone chips). Atri Pro Coatings will not prevent paint chips nor will Atri Pro. be liable to fix existing or pre-existing chips.  

Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips, dings or sand blasting to the painted surface.  

Non- permanent water spotting. Water spots are caused by hard water (mineral deposits), which when left to dry on the paint may leave a non-permanent stain which are not covered under this warranty.  

Damage resulting from the application of any Atri Pro Coatings to an uncured painted surface.  

Any loss of time or use of the vehicle while it undergoes inspections or treatments.  

Any claim for matters which are covered by vehicle manufacturers’ warranty such as failed clear coat, paint flaking, peeling or orange peel.    


Atri Pro Coating. warranty for any product will be considered invalid if any of the following general conditions occur:

The owner has been deemed to have been Negligent or failed to maintain the vehicle according to the standards and techniques recommended by Atri Pro Coating.    

Damage caused by abrasive compounds and polishes and third-party products.  

Damage to the coated surface by incorrect manual wash techniques, automatic car washes, brushes or contaminated wash tools that may cause abrasion, or damage caused by a third party not authorized by Atri Pro Coating.   




Damage resulting from a collision or other vehicle accidents.  

Damage, either accidental or malicious, including but not limited to abuse, graffiti, vandalism, rail dust, fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, secondary effects that may result from the foregoing, or any other force major.  

Failure to repair and re-treat surfaces subject to accident damage in accordance with the warranty.   

Damage caused by any alteration or modification to the vehicle surfaces.  

Damage caused by vehicle manufacturer’s defects.  

Failure to adhere to any requirements listed under the terms and conditions of this warranty.  

Failure to file a claim within 30 days after the discovery of any defect covered by any part of this limited warranty.   



Vehicles treated with Nano Graphene Coatings are covered for ten (10) years, beginning on the date of installation if Annual Inspection requirements are met. Graphene Oxide Coatings are covered for seven (7) years from the date of installation if Annual Inspection requirements are met. Hybrid Coatings are covered for five (5) years, beginning on the date of installation if Annual Inspection requirements are met.

Any commercial vehicles coated with Nano Graphene Coating or Graphene Oxide Coating are covered for five (5) years, beginning on the date of installation, if Semestral Inspection requirements are met.



To maintain the limited warranty you must visit the Atri Pro Coating Certified Installer who applied your coating every 12 months, within 30 days before or after the anniversary date of the last service, for an Annual Inspection.   

Failure to undertake an annual inspection within the required period will change the Coverage Period to One (1) Year from the date of the last service with annual inspections no longer being required.  

Atri Pro Coating. Certified Installers charge independent fees for the Annual Inspection which   includes an inspection of the treated exterior painted surface, exterior wash, decontamination, and application of Atri Pro Maintenance spray  Annual inspections must be recorded within 30 days to Atri Pro Coating.   


*Semestral Inspection for commercial vehicles only



Contact your vehicle insurer to ensure that any Atri Pro Coating products and services is included in your insurance coverage. If the vehicle sustains damage and reapplication is required, contact your local Certified Installer, or Atri Pro Coating. to arrange any additional treatments, which may be at additional cost and expense.




Any damage to be considered for coverage under this warranty must be communicated to the original Certified Installer within 30 days of incurring said damage so that it may be assessed.  Failure of the Certified Installer to notify Atri Pro Coating. as to allow for assessment by an Atri Pro Coating. representative within 30 days shall void this warranty.


Claim determination is at the sole discretion of Atri Pro Coating. Determination of the claim may either result in approving the repair / retreatment of the damaged area by a Certified Installer or refunding the application cost to the vehicle owner and terminating the warranty, whichever is less. In no event shall Atri Pro Coating. be liable for more than the amount of the purchase price. Atri Pro Coating disclaims any other warranties, either express or implied.  By installing or using any Atri Pro Coatings, the user accepts all terms described herein.


Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia. The involved parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of that State.




Contact the original Certified Installer or Atri Pro Coating to receive a claim authorization number prior to beginning any repair under this limited warranty.  


Email: info@atriprocoating.com  

Website: www.atriprocoating.com  



Certified Installers are selected using strict guidelines and requirements.  Only Certified Installers are permitted to install and service any Atri Pro Coating products.